Employment Opportunities

UPDATE: The position has been filled. 



Help Wanted in London, Ontario, Canada.

We want a dedicated, intelligent, full-time bookclerk who can work different shifts in our 7-day-a-week operation. We’re not a typical retail outfit or even a typical bookshop, so you get to apply your quick-witted attitude and creativity to any number of situations such as: Book pickups, book giveaways, postering, special event planning, social media interactions, in-store sign design, media interviews, window dressing, photography, film making, juggling, entertaining our canine customers, and lots more.

The first 3 months with us are a “Bookshop Boot camp” of sorts as you learn the basics of our complex system. That’s why we ask that you be honest about your full time availability. If you quit at the end of the summer because it was only a summer job for you, then you really leave a small business in the lurch. We hope you understand.

We empower our staff to make decisions for us eventually. Our fortunes rise and fall on the basis of your decisions, so we take training very seriously. Not everyone is cut out for the hard knock life of a professional bookclerk.

Important traits of a City Lights Bookclerk:

  •  You are well-read and knowledgeable
  • Your writing skills are sharp and legible
  • You know music, movies, books, graphic novels, comics, role-playing games, etc. The more diverse the better
  • You have a solid work history
  • You can lift heavy boxes and bookcases
  • You can be on your feet all day and go up and down steep stairs
  • You do not fear the dust and dirt of ages
  • You can speak clearly in a friendly manner to all kinds of people
  • You have a good memory
  • You are consistent
  • You have a University/College degree or some post-secondary education
  • You can keep your focus in a highly stimulating environment
  • You have basic handy person skills
  • You have the confidence to negotiate
  • You are willing to learn many details. Many, many, details
  • A driver’s license is helpful, but not required
  • You are looking to stay in one place (us) for more than a year or two

We’re looking for an outgoing someone to walk into the future with. Retail is changing and so must we. Being an adaptable, willing, and enthusiastic person who can surf on a carpet of sand and enjoy it is helpful to us. Patience and an even outlook can overcome many things. We start you at minimum wage and move on from there after basic training.

If all this hard work interests you, send or drop off a paper resume with a cover letter introducing yourself and why you want to work here. Please address the letter to “Hiring Manager.” We know you are creative so no need to give us anything other than a paper resume and cover letter.

Trust us, mix tapes or giant fonts won’t get you further in the hiring game. We read a lot of resumes and letters so they need to be clear and standard. If we are interested, we will call you to come in for an interview. Please don’t call us asking if we got your resume or if we will call you. Include your email address so we have the option to reach you that way.

We do appreciate your interest and look forward to getting the training process started. We’ve had the great good fortune to work with interesting people through the years, who have helped us to move forward with their efforts, and we have all had many good times doing so!

-Resumes are kept on file for 6 months-


City Lights Bookshop